Atrial fibrillation

Sometimes, when doctors hospitalize people with the diagnosis of stroke or ischemia, they found through examinations that patients have atrial fibrillation. Afib is a probable cause of serious heart problems. This occurs when the contractions of the heart chambers are uneven and chaotic, clots of accumulated blood appear in the atria. These clots are able to move through the bloodstream. And, certainly, a timely manifestation of the symptom will help to avoid complications. Don’t underestimate any problems that seem to be temporary.

Symptoms of atrial fibrillation

The main problem is the weak severity of signs. A person may not even suspect anything before detection during diagnosis. But still, people can experience such indications of afib:

  • chest discomfort including pain, irregular palpitations;
  • dizziness and breathlessness;
  • the feeling of constant fatigue, tiredness;
  • lack of strength for exercise;
  • accelerated heartbeat;
  • an occasion of heart attack, development of such diagnosis as coronary heart disease.

Sometimes, the duration and presence of symptoms depend on the types of afib. Paroxysmal atrial fibrillation has characteristics of occasional manifestations during the week. Episodes last for a couple of minutes to hours. This type can pass without medical intervention. But if we talk about persistent or long-standing conditions, you need special atrial fibrillation treatment to normalize heart rhythm. However, disorders can be permanent, on such occasions patients need periodical consumption of medications. When the condition is constant, the full stabilization of abnormal heart rhythm is impossible.

Causes and curing of atrial flutter in Brooklyn

Risk factors are congenital heart disease, high blood pressure, stress, postoperative condition, problems with the lungs. It is necessary to maintain sufficient physical activity, give up bad habits, try not to get stressed, use drugs only on prescription to prevent complications. However, not always doctors can identify the reason for atrial fibrillation that can grow into atrial flutter (or on the contrary the second disorder may change to the first). The only difference between these problems lies in more disorganization of heart rhythms in paroxysmal atrial fibrillation.

If you feel discomfort, make an appointment with a doctor at the clinic. It can be, for example, Advanced Medical Care where you will get a personal plan for curing atrial flutter in Brooklyn Atrial fibrillation treatment provides, first of all, complex diagnostics. After it, doctors choose the procedures that will help. They make the main emphasis on trying to control the heart race. One of the methods is drug therapy aimed at its slowing down. No less important is thinning the blood against thrombus formation. It is possible thanks to the anticoagulants that allow preventing stroke.

Atrial fibrillation treatment in the elderly requires special care and attention to a patient because there are a lot of factors that weaken the immunity. Some people need high qualitative pacemakers, doctors insert them under the skin. In such cases, the technique of transporting the energy to places that link veins and atria is effective too. It is pulmonary vein antrum isolation. So, specialists offer various ways of curing that are appropriate for a particular group of people.

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