Atrial fibrillation

The team of Advanced Medical Care performs high-end procedures for curing patients with atrial fibrillation. No patient can be treated in the same way to cure this disease; hence our dedicated team takes the time to bring an individualized treatment plan. Depending on the severity of the problem, one of the following methods is used:

Pulmonary Vein Antrum Isolation
Pulmonary vein antrum isolation is a technique that focuses on providing energy to the regions that connect pulmonary veins to atria. This eliminates the electrical conduction and lets the patient live a normal life.

A pacemaker is a tiny device inserted inside the skin to maintain the regular heart rhythm. Pacemakers along with regular medication can help in regulating the heart rhythm. Our cardiologists have access to the most advanced form of pacemakers.

Antiarrhythmic Drug Therapy
The regular drug therapies introduced to the patients controls heart rate and thins the blood.

Anticoagulation Drug Therapy
Anticoagulants are used to prevent stroke in the patient. Warfarin is primary anticoagulant and may be effective in preventing stroke.
All the procedures are carried out in a comfortable and hassle-free manner and the awkwardness of being at a clinic is minimized with our excellent team.

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