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Health problems entangle people’s lives by depriving them of opportunities to feel comfortable, full of energy, and to enjoy intense types of activity. And if wellbeing is not satisfactory the usual acts such as walk and run turn into a painful process. That is why it is necessary to eliminate discomfort and even prevent health complications.

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This applies to the heart especially because this organ influences the general condition of our body. Our cardiology Brooklyn NY offers you the professional consultations and medical service. We have been working in the following sphere since 1998. During all this time our best cardiologists in Brooklyn have gained valuable experience.

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Symptoms of cardiovascular disorders

Some signs can directly indicate you have particular problems. In such a way, the organism warns the malfunctions. Pay attention whether you have:

  • aching or tingling pain , the feeling of embossing in the chest,
  • compression or discomfort in shoulders, neck or back;
  • the defection of heart rate;
  • dyspnea, dizziness, and headache;
  • puffiness of legs, pain in legs.

Do not delay and contact our Brooklyn cardiologist to get the diagnostic and treatment for health improvement. 

Diagnostic studies we perform in the office include:

  • Blood tests
  • Color Doppler ultrasound
  • Duplex Doppler ultrasound
  • Echocardiogram (“Echo”)
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Holter and event loop monitoring
  • Immigration Physical
  • Nuclear stress test
  • Physical exam
  • Pulse volume recording (PVR)
  • Stress echocardiogram

Factors affecting the cardiovascular system

The condition of heart and tubules depends on certain components:

  • blood pressure;
  • physical activity;
  • the presence of bad habits;
  • stress;
  • nutrition;
  • blood sugar level.

It is very important to investigate whether the level of these factors is normal because the disease does not occur without reasons. Therefore cardiologist Queens NY also performs blood and nuclear stress tests, physical exam, Holter monitor, and event loop monitoring in addition to echo- and electrocardiograms.

A new method of  treatment

Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) is a modern medical treatment. It helps to cure coronary artery disease and angina. The principle of operation of EECP is simple enough:

  • Brooklyn cardiologist fastens special cuffs on patient’s legs and inflates them with air;
  • cuffs begin to pulse synchronically with the heart and puck the blood back to the heart.

EECP has certain advantages such as safety and minimal side effects (leg pain and abrasions are possible). Our cardiology Brooklyn NY uses this method because it is suitable for people who are diabetics, have small blood vessels, do not feel the positive influence of remedy, cannot resort to surgery because of contraindications. EECP improves heart function, relieves symptoms of angina, reduces medication.

Our attitude towards patients

Best cardiologists in Brooklyn and Queens are attentive to clients. Eventually the task of specialists is to strengthen your health and to prevent the emergence of other problems. 

Our cardiology Brooklyn NY has the latest equipment that helps to detect problems at an early stage and allows you to start healing in time before the occurrence of complications. Cardiologists Queens NY will provide you high-quality treatment with guaranteed improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cardiologist in Brooklyn & Queens

What is the difference between a cardiologist and a cardiovascular doctor?

To keep your heart strengthened and regain its health, eliminate the risks of cardiac issues, and deal with occurred disorders, it is of paramount importance for patients to understand that there are various types of cardiovascular experts, and cardiologist is one of them. Thus, if the patient suffers due to defects of blood vessels, cardiac impairment, or any other heart troubles, the cardiologist is capable of correct diagnosing, performing an array of medical examinations, creating a curing plan, and prescribing the right medicines. However, depending on your diagnosis, the severity of symptoms, how the disease proceeds and what complications may arise, the assistance of some other cardiovascular specialists may be required on the way of your healing and rehabilitation: 

  • having a coronary infarction or surgical intervention, you may need the assistance of a rehab specialist who creates nutrition schemes and exercise programs;
  • cardio-oncologists deal with heart problems, e.g. valve disease or arrhythmia, that were provoked by cancer;
  • surgical procedures and complex heart repair can be performed only by surgeons.

When it comes to your health and selecting the right doctor for managing your condition, inquiring about different specializations and their medical mission and objectives will be beneficial for your well-being and probably will contribute to more efficient therapy and quicker recovery.

Which hospital is best for cardiology?

Due to the increased number of patients with cardiovascular diseases, strokes, and heart failure, there is a drastically growing demand for the integrated services of cardiac hospitals that can provide the best tailored-made care for your needs. When looking for hospitals for exceptional cardiology treatment and high-quality surgery, there is an array of pivotal features to assess to be sure you will get skillful assistance. However, you can save time and check different ratings of hospitals and clinics that can help you to choose the best one for you. They are ranked based on a myriad of criteria, such as up-to-date treatment techniques and innovative approaches or the availability of advanced technology and tools needed for making a diagnosis.

If you are striving to find sound cardiac services for diagnosing, treating, or preventing heart disorders, you can consider devoted to measurable results Advanced Medical Care specialists. Serving the needs of each patient who struggles with heart disease, experts deliver a range of superior services to reach the best treatment outcomes.

How can I find a top-rated cardiologist in Brooklyn?

For a patient with heart-related issues, proper cardiac care can be life-saving, so choosing only a qualified cardiologist is of paramount importance to maintain the health of your heart. The selection algorithm contains several imperative factors that help to understand whether the doctor you’re considering can handle the most complex disorders and complications and is capable of developing effective therapy. The top criteria to take into account are accessibility and convenient location, credentials, and reputation that can be investigated digitally.

Remember, you must be comfortable with the specialist, and the vision and treatment goals must match your own to build a positive and trustable relationship that is a foundation for successful treatment. When looking for a cardiologist, make sure you seek the right qualities, such as empathy, strong focus, impartiality, confidence, and an ability to act in your best interest and with your consent. Thus, scheduling the first appointment, you must assess communication and the willingness of specialists to really help you even in the most complex and life-threatening situation with compassion and integrity. 

What can I expect at a cardiology consultation?

Comprehensive consultation delivered by an experienced and knowledgeable cardiologist is the pivotal aspect of the medical care strategy. For patients, it is a chance to share their symptoms, the severity of current complaints, how they interfere with daily life and affect its quality, learn more about possible risks and which complications can occur if the disorder left uncontrolled, and obtain sound advice on how to break bad habits and adjust lifestyle to deal with the condition and prolong life expectancy.

During the first meeting, a doctor will evaluate the extent of your problem and decide on which examination you must go through to produce the treatment program. For the patient, it is also crucial to prepare for the initial consultation so the specialist can obtain a clearer picture: share the symptoms and their intensity, a list of medications that you are already taking, and whether you have any allergies. If you have already undergone some medical tests, don’t forget to bring the results with you.

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