High cholesterol – dyslipidemia

High Cholesterol occurs when a high amount of unhealthy cholesterol dissolves in blood. For the healthy functioning of the body, you need an optimal quantity of cholesterol and when this amount crosses the threshold trouble occurs. There is no specific symptom for high cholesterol until you get it tested. For controlling the cholesterol level in the body, we at Advanced Medical Care, recommend a change of lifestyle and diet mixed with appropriate medication.

Causes of High Cholesterol

  • Medical conditions like – diabetes, kidney disease, underactive thyroid
  • Medications- estrogen, beta blockers, birth control pills
  • Lifestyle factors – excessive fat consumption, alcohol, smoking, lack of exercise.

Cholesterol level can rise at any age, including the younger ages. Our goal is to control the cholesterol levels before it leads to heart diseases. After being diagnosed with cholesterol, you will receive the right doses of regular medications. We will evaluate your cholesterol level, the effectiveness of medicines, and side effects on a regular basis.

Along with the medical facilities, we also help our patients live a life that can take them towards a better lifestyle. We request our patients to attend all the follow up in a regular manner.

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