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Carotid Artery Disease


Your carotid arteries are a critical part of your cardiovascular system, carrying oxygen-rich blood throughout your body. If you suspect a carotid artery blockage, finding the proper treatment options promptly is critical. You need the right solutions to improve your overall prognosis and address issues before complications arise.

With the team at Advanced Medical Care, you can get your condition evaluated and learn about the right treatment options. We offer experienced services from a skilled and board-certified cardiology team to meet a range of patient needs. When you make us your cardiology healthcare providers, we deliver patient-centered, caring services every step of the way.

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How is carotid artery disease diagnosed?

Carotid artery disease most often occurs at an older age, although it varies from patient to patient. This condition occurs when fats clog the carotid artery’s openings, which are part of a critical blood-carrying network. As a result, the clogs prevent vital oxygen from reaching certain body parts and circulating correctly.

With proactive treatment programs, carotid artery disease life expectancy can significantly increase. However, patients with this condition have a substantially higher risk of stroke, so it’s essential to address the issue as early as possible with experienced specialists. You can consult with our cardiology team about what steps are right for your situation.

To diagnose a carotid artery blockage, doctors use a noninvasive carotid ultrasound test. Using high-frequency sound waves, the team will look for blood clots and plaques that compromise blood flow.

Our care services for symptoms of blocked carotid artery.

Our care services for symptoms of blocked carotid artery.

Our care services for symptoms of blocked carotid artery.

Finding the best care for your needs should be simple. The team at Advanced Medical Care brings extensive field experience to support you and ensure you have the best possible resources and treatment options. We work hard to create a safe, comfortable environment, and we’re committed to compassionate services.

You can trust us to offer honest, consistent and attentive care while taking time to listen to your concerns and questions. We’re here for you as you navigate your diagnosis and consider suitable treatment options. As you work with us, we’ll develop a personalized approach to your care plan. We may suggest carotid artery surgery or noninvasive measures such as lifestyle changes or medication therapy, depending on your situation.

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Learn more about our carotid artery surgery and treatment plans.

Whatever your unique treatment needs, we’re here to join you in your health journey. For us, care is more than just a part of our name — it’s truly who we are. As one of our core values, caring service means going above and beyond to help our patients feel heard, reassured and supported throughout their time with us. You can rely on our highly qualified doctors and supporting medical personnel to provide the best possible options and help you move forward.

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We’re here to improve your quality of life and protect your health as you navigate carotid artery disease symptoms and treatment. To learn more about our services, contact our team today.

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