Talking in sleep

How dangerous is talking in sleep? Top-3 questions about sleeping disorders

The health benefits of a deep deep sleep are difficult to overestimate. However, there are many different sleep disorders that make it difficult to restore strength and energy at night. Talking in sleep is a phenomenon that doctors have been observing for a long time. Not in all cases, it signals a disturbance in the functioning of the human body. Why do I talk in my sleep? How serious is that? What causes talking in sleep? How can you eliminate this problem? All this can be handled with our professionals!

What does talking in your sleep mean?

Why do people talk in their sleep? There are two situations in which a person starts talking in a dream. The first is in childhood. Often people begin to talk in their early years, but by puberty it usually goes away. Usually, children begin to talk in sleep after strong experiences or vivid episodes in life, for example, the first trip to kindergarten, contact with animals at the zoo. Talking in sleep is not a disease, but a feature. In social terms, this can somehow interfere, but nothing more. Usually, this is inherited. 

However, it also happens that talking in the sleep does not go away with age. According to statistics, only 1-2% of adults experience this disorder. Moreover, the situation when people suddenly began to talk in a dream in adulthood, while they did not do this in childhood, should be alarming. It can indicate cerebrovascular insufficiency, cerebral atherosclerosis, as well as the development of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or even a tumor. In this case, a person should consult a doctor and conduct an examination to identify the causes of talking in sleep.

What causes talking in sleep?

It is necessary to distinguish talking in sleep from the pronunciation of individual sounds. In the process of a conversation in a dream, a person utters whole, even short, words or phrases, by using the speech center. Why do people talk in sleep? A disorder when a person makes individual sounds in a dream does not belong to higher nervous activity, it occurs due to the tension of the glottis. In many cases, a conversation in a dream sounds like innocent babbling.

  • When you hear someone asleep talking meaninglessly, they are most likely in a deep sleep stage (maybe 3 or 4).
  • If people talk in sleep in whole sentences,  they are most likely in stages 1 or 4 of sleep.

Depending on how often this happens, you can determine the stage of this disorder:

  1. Easy — when a person can mumble or laugh only 1 or 2 times a week.
  2. Moderate — Affects your sleep for 3 or more nights during the week.
  3. Severe — when a person experiences talking in the sleep every evening, and sometimes several times a night.

Sometimes a conversation in a dream can be accompanied by other symptoms, such as: sleep apnea, sleepwalking, gnashing of teeth, and the like. If these symptoms are present, talking in your sleep means that the person may need serious treatment.

Why do people talk in sleep?

There are several reasons why people can talk in their sleep. Most often, people start talking during dreams, when they are depressed or anxious. Why do I talk in my sleep? There are several reasons:

  • Medical experts believe that one of the main causes of sleep talk is the lack of sleep. It can also negatively affect mood and weaken the immune system.
  • Alcohol and drugs can also cause this condition.
  • A demanding lifestyle or daily pressure can also be the causes of talking in sleep.
  • Another reason for talking in a dream is fever.

If your sleep conversations get out of control and you feel exhausted during the workday, seek help from a sleep specialist (neurologist). Our experts will discover why people talk in their sleep and find the best solution to this problem.

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