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Physical Therapy


Physical therapy is a field of specialized medicine that includes the evaluation, assessment and treatment of individuals who have an illness or injury that results in pain, physical impairment, limited normal movement or loss of function.

At your first therapy session, our physical therapists (or PTs, as they are commonly called) will examine and assess your needs. They’ll ask you questions about your pain or other symptoms, your ability to move or perform everyday tasks, and your medical history. The objective is to determine a diagnosis of your condition and then develop the best plan of care to address your specific needs
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Available treatments at Advanced Medical Care.
Advanced Medical Care offers many different treatments, including the following options:
• Cold laser
• Electrical stimulation
• Gait and functional training • Light therapy
• Manual traction and joint mobilization • Massage therapy
• Paraffin • Therapeutic exercises and stretching
• Therapeutic ultrasound • Vestibular rehabilitation
• Acupuncture

Common physical therapy we treat.

We care about you
At Advanced Medical Care, we have modern facilities in our Queens and Brooklyn locations with advanced equipment to cater to your specific physical therapy needs. Most importantly, our entire staff is caring and compassionate, and they share the common goal of wanting to help you get back to your normal daily activities as soon as possible.

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If you’re ready to restore your physical health for an improved quality of life, Advanced Medical Care is here for you. Our expert physical therapists have years of experience caring for patients and look forward to helping you reach your therapy goals. Please contact our Queens office or our Brooklyn office to learn more about our services and accepted insurance plans or schedule an appointment.