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Tips for Bouncing Back from a Cold

Apr 10, 2024
Tips for Bouncing Back from a Cold
New York is still in the midst of cold season, and if the virus has set up shop in your nose and throat, you’re probably looking for the fastest road to recovery. Here are some tips you won’t hear at the water cooler.

A cold can bring your bustling life to a grinding halt. Suddenly, each task, no matter how trivial, feels undoable. Whether you’re a parent with children to care for or just someone who treasures their productivity, you need to bounce back from a common cold — and fast.

Our comprehensive guide cuts through the noise of social media influencers, TV ads, and your coworkers’ well-intentioned advice, offering emerging treatments that could dramatically accelerate your path to wellness. 

Our Advanced Medical Care team in Queens and Brooklyn, New York, is here to get you on the fast track to cold recovery. 

Understanding the cold enemy at the gates

Before you arm yourself with an antiviral artillery, you must understand your opponent — the common cold. It isn’t just a singular virus but a slew of them. Rhinoviruses, in particular, are infamous culprits, responsible for up to 40% of all colds.

When these microscopic invaders set up camp in your upper respiratory system, your symptoms, including congestion, sneezing, and that annoyingly stubborn cough, kick in. Here’s what this microbial mess does to your body.

1. The general invasion plan

When a rhinovirus particle lands and latches onto your airway’s epithelial cells, it dumps its genetic payload, hijacking your cells and multiplying rapidly. Meanwhile, your immune system gears up defenses, but not before your energy slumps and your symptoms take over.

2. The battles within

Make no mistake: When you have a cold, your body becomes a war zone. Over time, as your cells mount their valiant offensive, the immune responses they trigger lead to the classic cold symptoms. 

This is where understanding and strategy come into play. Rest and hydration are your best defenses, gently easing and fortifying your body’s healing mechanisms.

The tactical plan for cold recovery

Your cold recovery strategy should boost immunity, leverage our cutting-edge wellness and longevity therapies, and optimize your self-care routine.

1. Immune system reinforcement

Boosting your immunity isn’t just about warding off the cold; it’s about speeding up your recovery. 

Our Advanced Medical Care experts believe the key is fortifying your glutathione levels, an essential antioxidant revered for its role in immune health. You can stock up on this “master antioxidant” by eating lots of broccoli, spinach, and avocados, or you can schedule a quick glutathione IV treatment at Advanced Medical Care.

2. The Myer’s IV immune booster

Myer’s intravenous therapy packs a punch against the common cold. We deliver a customized solution of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids straight into your bloodstream, bypassing your digestive system and fueling your cells for battle. 

It also rehydrates you and restores energy.

3. Rest and recover

Rest is the most underrated cold treatment. The best rest includes increased quality and quantity of sleep. Darken your room, lower the temperature, and disconnect electronic devices for rest that heals. When awake, take it easy and engage in light activities that ease stress and promote tranquility.

4. Fuel your cold recovery

Chicken soup has a storied history of easing cold symptoms, and rightfully so. Its combination of vitamins, minerals, and hydration can refuel your body. Broths, herbal teas, and warm liquids also provide the essential hydration your body craves while comforting your taxed system.

5. Your medicine cabinet

Over-the-counter (OTC) remedies can relieve symptoms, but don’t count on them for recovery. Decongestants, pain relievers, and cough suppressants only address the discomfort for a while. 

See us for professional, personalized advice if your symptoms are severe or don’t improve after a few days.

The cold may be common, but its symptoms can turn your life upside down. If you want to kick it faster, book an appointment online or call Advanced Medical Care today. 

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